Whitewater Kayaks

Jackson and Pyranha Kayaks In Stock.

We will ship Jackson, Pyranha and Zet WW boats to the North Island for FREE - full priced boats.

Long Cloud Kayaks are the distributor for Jackson and Pyranha White Water Kayaks in New Zealand.  If you don’t see the Kayak that you want, please get in touch and we can order what you’d like.

Now taking orders for Jackson  - get in touch for specific colours and sizes.


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Jackson Kayak Antix
Jackson Kayak Antix   Introducing Jackson Kayak's Antix! A new creeking/river runnin..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Jackson Kayaks DYNAMIC DUO
Jackson Kayaks DYNAMIC DUO -TANDEM - We've now sold all our Duos,  Please email us if you wo..
Ex Tax: $2,260.00
Jackson Kayaks Fun
Jackson Kayaks Fun  Sorry out of Stock.  Please get in touch to place an order.  A..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Jackson Kayaks Rockstar 2016
Jackson Kayaks Rockstar 2016  Larges only in stock and on sale!   The upcoming ..
$2,350.00 $2,100.00
Ex Tax: $1,826.09
Jackson Kayaks Zen
Jackson Kayaks Zen - Sorry sold out - contact us if you would like to buy a demo Small  ..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Lettman Granate L kayak
Lettman Granate L kayak - Now back in stock, please ask us about colours available. In 2015-1..
Ex Tax: $1,869.57
Pyranha 9R
Pyranha 9R and 9RL     We've already sold out of 9Rs so we are planning a ..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Pyranha Burn III
Pyranha Burn III  Sorry Sold Out - get in touch if you would like one on the next order! ..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Pyranha Fusion Sit-On-Top
Pyranha Fusion Sit-On-Top   The Fusion sit-on-top is about having a real fun kayak. ..
Ex Tax: $1,456.52
Pyranha Jed
Pyranha Jed  The Jed isn't like the others; it's longer than its competitors, which allo..
Ex Tax: $1,521.74
Pyranha Loki
Pyranha Loki Sorry Sold Out! The Loki is designed to revive the classic moves that we learned..
Ex Tax: $1,521.74
Pyranha Machno
Pyranha Machno - Sorry we are now Sold OUT Afon Machno, 53.064°, -3.779° the tributary that p..
Ex Tax: $1,734.78
Pyranha Rebel - Kids Kayak
Pyranha Rebel - Kids Kayak - Sorry Sold Out Meet the Pyranha Rebel. We heard what kids wanted..
Ex Tax: $1,216.52
Pyranha Z. One
Pyranha Z. One  Sorry Sold Out A descendant of the legendary InaZone, the Z.One has newl..
Ex Tax: $1,560.87
Veloc whitewater kayak
Veloc whitewater kayak The new Veloc is inspired by the ground breaking design of t..
Ex Tax: $1,869.57
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