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I THRASH pants. I put holes in them on the first day and 
fill the holes with gafa tape and seam seal until the pants 
disintegrate of my legs. Usually I buy a thin softshell pair at 
the start of winter and blow them out by the end of sum-
mer. I need a very particular type of pant that is diverse 
and adaptable, that’s good for climbing when it’s hot as 
hell on the approach then cold and windy on the belay, a 
technical pant that can handle a changeable climate as I 
move through the mountains.
When the Montane Terra Pants wrapped across my legs 
I thought, ‘Now these are the type of pants I’ve been look-
ing for.’ They are synthetic and light (340g), breathable and 
wind resistant, functional and durable. They fit my long legs 
while not being baggy, and they let me jump, high step, heel-
hook and hike.
I wish I’d had these pants in Yosemite, they’d have been perfect! The 
dense weave of the fabric is enough to keep the bite of a strong wind away. 
In the heat of the day the thigh vents let air out and the UPF 40+ protec-
tion keeps the sun of. These pants are burly enough to handle kneebars in 
granite, they dry quickly and they’re finished with a DWR water repellency 
so a bit of rain is not an issue. They would perform equally as well in the 
desert as on the glaciers.
Although they’re marketed as four-season pants I wouldn’t use these 
pants in winter for anything but a warm day ski-touring. For winter activi-
ties like alpine climbing, Montane makes the Super Terra.
This English-designed pant has some very well considered details such 
as zippered vents on the upper legs which let your body breathe when 
you’re sweating and snap closures on the cufs which keep 
the pants out of the way of aiders or crampons. There is no 
back or side pocket so you’ll have to find a diferent place 
for your phone but you can plug your chilly fingers into the 
comfortable front pockets.
I have no ass, so I need pants that will stay above my 
harness and not sag on heavy leads. These pants have 
elastic at the waste, and come with a belt and a secure but-
ton closure, so after days in the mountains they won’t fall 
of. They also come in a large and regular length, which 
allow for a more costume fit. The large/long size fits my 
6’2’’ no-ass frame well.
The black, black colour is the only colour that doesn’t 
make you look like a tramper. Two-tone active pants aren’t 
cool in town, so when coming of the hills and into the pub, keep a pair of 
jeans in the car. Fashion aside, the techy Cordura fabric and articulated 
knees of these pants make you feel like a ninja ready to tuck, roll and fly. 
It’s nice to have that kind of confidence on a climb when you’re a long way 
from home and the weather’s ify.
I haven’t had these pants long enough to testify to their extended dura-
bility, but they feel like an old synthetic canvas pant I wore constantly for 
seven years before they disintegrated of my knees. The Montane Terra 
Pants are high-spec’ pants with a reasonable price tag and they’re perfect 
for any trip in variable and unexpected outdoors conditions.
Montane Terra Pants. RRP $149.00 ★★★★★
–Stephen Skelton
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